Graphene Flagship Graphene Week 2015

Graphene Week 2015. Next stop: Manchester


The Graphene Week 2015 will be held during 22 – 26 June 2015, in Manchester, UK. The conference is commissioned by the Graphene Flagship, with support from the University of Manchester, the National Graphene Institute (NGI), and the City of Manchester.

Its focus is on science, technology and emerging applications of graphene, related 2D materials and heterostructures. The scientific programme of the Graphene Week 2015 will address following areas:

  • Fundamental physics of graphene and related 2D materials
  • Chemistry and biology studies of graphene
  • Applications of graphene and related 2D materials in electronics, photonics, spintronics, and sensors
  • Applications of graphene in energy, including photovoltaics, energy storage, fuel cells and hydrogen storage
  • Graphene-based nanocomposites: recent scientific studies and applications
  • Graphene-related health and environment research
  • Overview of graphene in biomedical applications
  • Large scale graphene production



Meet three of the speakers


Prof. Konstantin Novoselov about Graphene Week 2015

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Prof. Rodney S. Ruoff about his talk

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Meet Prof. Philip Kim, one of the speakers

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About Graphene Week 2015


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