Meeting Graphene

DISRUPTIVE MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY TRANSFORMING MOBILE INDUSTRY: from 5G data communication to flexible phones, smart batteries and sensors.

As the mobile industry strives to maintain its pace of innovation, graphene has much to offer: bringing faster 5G Datacom,  smart batteries,  flexible  sensors, integrated photonics and IoT solutions. Graphene will help to facilitate the next generation of mobile technology from chips and interconnects for data communication to screens and casings. Graphene has been shown to be a promising material for high performance supercapacitors and pushing forward the development of revolutionary batteries.

The prediction session includes visionary key note speech by the Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Sir Konstantin Novoselov and talks by key industry and research leaders; all to showcase the impact of graphene into the mobile ecosystem.


at Mobile World Congress 2018

Wednesday 28 February at 16:00

Hall 8.1, Room CC8.28

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