From Datacom to IoT, Enabled by Graphene, 2017

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From Datacom to IoT, Enabled by Graphene, 2017

Graphene Connect - From Datacom to IoT, Enabled by Graphene, will be held on 2 March in connection to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2017.

‚ÄčAs the global mobile community gathers in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, the Graphene Flagship is organising, on site, a Graphene Connect workshop that will offer knowledge on how graphene can empower the development of information and communication technology as well as a networking platform for industry and academia. The workshop will provide an overview on cutting edge research performed by the Graphene Flagship and the opportunity to showcase successful implementations of graphene products by key industries. More specifically, participants will learn about graphene possibilities in:

  • Wireless and optical communication
  • Wearables and flexible displays
  • Internet of things
  • Sensor systems

Who will benefit from the Graphene Connect workshop?

The workshop is aimed for people working with technical development, or in executive positions handling development, in companies with interest in information and communication technology and:

  • are looking to enlarge their network and develop new collaborations
  • want to know more about graphene usage in this area
  • have questions on the usage of graphene
  • want to start discussion on ideas and proposal for interesting innovation projects

Registration of interest

By clicking on the below "Register"-button you will reach the page of the Graphene Connect workshop on the website of the Mobile World Congress. On this page you can indicate your interest to participate in the workshop after having created an account to visit the Mobile World Congress 2017. After a selection process you will be informed on being accepted or declined to participate in the Graphene Connect workshop.

Graphene Connect

Graphene Connect is a series of industry workshops, aiming to identify industry demands, find groups of companies and researchers with a common interest and foster new collaboration partners for new project and design of such projects for funding priorities of the Graphene Flagship consortium.

Event Details - From Datacom to IoT, Enabled by Graphene, 2017

Category: Industrial Workshop

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02/03/2017 09:00
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02/03/2017 16:00

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