Graphene Study 2017

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Graphene Study 2017

Graphene Study 2017 will take place during the summertime outside of Gothenburg, Sweden and focus on electronics.

Electronic and photonic devices and their applications

Graphene Study is the Graphene Flagship's school for early career researchers and Phd students, specifically designed to develop outstanding researchers in graphene. This year the school will address the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of 2D-materials based electronic and photonic devices.
  • High frequency electronic devices and circuits.
  • Optoelectronics including data communication.
  • Flexible electronics.
  • Electronic and photonic sensors.

Discover new insights and acquire high-level expertise from leading experts in the field, combined with networking opportunities for your future career.

When: 26-30 June, 2017

Where: Hjortviken, Hindås, Sweden

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Start time:
26/06/2017 09:00
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30/06/2017 16:00

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