What are the benefits with graphene for your company? What are your company’s R&D challenges? Which products could emerge from using graphene?

These are some of the questions that we will cover together with leading experts from e.g. AstraZeneca, Glaxo Smith Kline and Pixium Vision. The workshop will be tailored based on your needs, covering opportunities and challenges in:

​Day one
1. Target markers and Sensitivity of Biosensors
2. Graphene in Flexible/Wearable Sensors
3. Long-term/Chronic biocompatibility
​Day two
1. Recording/Stimulation/Closed Loop Technologies
2. Device Energy/Power Specifications
3. Therapeutic Functionality 

The programme includes popular presentation (general overview) on state-of-the art research by the work package leaders presenting the plan for the coming years, industry perspectives by industry representatives and investors. Building on the presentations, there will be moderated group discussions with the possibility of representatives across industry sectors to interact with each other as well as with researchers.

The aim is to strengthen collaboration throughout the value chain from researchers, to component, system producers and end-users. 

​23 February

12:30-13:30 Mingle lunch and registration

13:30-13:50 Introduction by Helena Theander, Chalmers Industrial Technology/Graphene Flagship

13:50-14:30 Introduction to graphene and biomedical applications by Kostas Kostarelos, The University of Manchester/Graphene Flagship

14:30-15: 30 Industry perspective on graphene
  • Lubomir Gradinarsky Astra Zeneca
  • Guillaume Buc, Pixium Vision

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

16:00-16:30  Panel discussion

16:30-17:30  Break out group discussions

17:30-18:00 Summary of groups  

19:00 Optional dinner

24 February

08:30 Welcome back

08:35-10:00 Industry perspective on graphene
  • David Chew, Glaxo Smith Kline
  • Clemens Boucsein, Multichannelsystems
  • Francois Berger, Clinatec

10:00-10:30  Coffee

10:30-11:30  Break out group discussions

11:30-11:50  Plenary summary of group discussions

11:50-12:10  Ways forward by Helena Theander Chalmers Industrial Technology/Graphene Flagship

12:10-13:00  Matchmaking and mingle lunch

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