Graphene Study 2014

Graphene Study – a European school organised by the Graphene Flagship, aiming at building a tightly integrated community and creating new direct communication channels between young researchers and academia-industry players with focus on graphene research and applications.
​Graphene Study is an important vehicle in fostering the next generation of graphene researchers and a key element in the continuous renewal of the Graphene Flagship. The main objective of the international school consists in providing strong scientific formation on graphene and other 2D materials to PhD and postdoctoral students from EU.

Organisational committee:

Alberto Bianco, Université de Strasbourg
Tim Booth, Technical University of Denmark
Xinliang Feng, Max Planck Gesellschaft, Mainz


Graphene Study 2014 provides a platform for reviewing and discussing new developments regarding graphene in fields of materials, health and environment, nanocomposites, and production.

Time and location:

Graphene Study 2014 starts on Sunday 2 February in the evening, at the Universitätszentrum in Obergurgl, Austria and ends with lunch on Friday 7 February. There will be a get-together reception on 2 February, after-dinner social programme, and a Farewell Party including dinner on Thursday 6 February.

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