Keynote Speakers

Thomas Palacios, MIT, USA
The Graphene Revolution: From Transistors to Synthetic Cells

Andre Geim, The University of Manchester, UK

Michael Fuhrer, Monash University, Australia
Atomically thin films of Na3Bi: A platform for topological electronics

Yury Gogotsi, Drexel University, USA 
MXene, Graphene, and Their Hybrids 

Daniel Neumaier, AMO, Germany 
Graphene based electronic devices and integrated circuits for wireless communication

Cory Dean, Columbia University, USA

Confirmed Speakers

Jong-Hyun Ahn, Yonsei University, South-Korea 
Graphene and 2D materials; the route toward flexible and wearable applications 

Alexey Tarasov, BioMed X, Germany 
Graphene Immuno-Transistors with Femtomolar Detection Limit in Whole Serum 

Jose Garrido, ICN2, Spain
Graphene technologies in neuroscience and medical devices

Stephan Hofmann, University of Cambridge, UK 
Holistic approaches to scalable h-BN synthesis and device integration 

Irina Grigorieva, University of Manchester, UK 
Superconductivity in atomically thin crystals: what determines TC and the superconducting gap in 2D TMDCs 

Christoph Stampfer, RWTH, Germany 
Extraordinary high room-temperature carrier mobility in graphene-WSe2 heterostructures

Thomas Mueller, Vienna University of Technology, Austria 

Sanjay Banerjee, The University of Texas Austin, USA

Alessandro Trediucci, University of Pisa, Italy
Long wavelengths in thin devices: 2D materials for THz technologies

Steven Brems, IMEC, Belgium

Peter Beton, University of Nottingham, UK
Epitaxial growth of boron nitride/graphene heterostructures

Kian Ping Loh, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Claudia Backes, University of Heidelberg, Germany
Fundamental aspects of liquid phase exfoliation of layered crystals

Invited Speakers

Michal Lipson, Columbia University, USA

Dmitri Nikonov, Intel Corporation, USA

Aiping Yu, University of Waterloo, Canada

Yu Huang, UCLA, USA

Zheng Liu, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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