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Sustainable Research and Innovation

On Tuesday 24 September at 14.30, we will hold a session on Sustainable Research and Innovation. The discussion will be hosted by the Ethical Advisory Board (EAB) at Graphene Week 2019.

Beginning with insightful and real-world talks from experts, this session will begin with keynote speeches from members of the EAB, Ursula Hohlneicher, Steven Savage and Norberto Patrignani. The EAB was formed to advise the Graphene Flagship on issues relating to ethical standards for research and innovation, which all project members are responsible in upholding.

During the session at Graphene Week 2019, speakers will advise researchers on how to engage properly with ethics during their projects. This interactive workshop is not just covering some of the most important regulatory aspects of ethics, but the wider responsibility for ethical practice in materials research.

As ethical responsibility can be a complicated and hard-hitting topic, we have also scheduled time for a wider discussion on ethics with the audience. This will be led by a team of panel speakers, including representatives from the EAB.

Join the session on Tuesday 24 September at 14.30 to gain first-hand insight into responsible research and innovation.


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