Graphene Innovation Forum

The Graphene Flagship is pleased to announce the inaugural Graphene Innovation Forum taking place during Graphene Week 2016 which will focus on the three exciting and important areas of graphene road mapping, commercialisation and standardisation.

Monday 13 June
Roadmap: Industry needs and perspective towards electronics applications
The Graphene Innovation Forum begins with a session dedicated entirely to road mapping graphene and other 2D materials towards electronics applications and will focus firmly on the needs and perspectives of industry. The goal is to provide insights on industrial demands for graphene integration so that researchers and developers get a realistic idea of what needs to be addressed in the coming years.

Tuesday 14 June 
Commercialisation: The Route to Commercialisation
Commercialisation is at the heart of the Graphene Innovation Forum and this session will explore how to accelerate graphene and related 2D materials through to commercialisation starting with the stages of concept development, proof of concept and validation in the lab. A number of different companies, all in the middle of the commercialisation path, will talk about their experience and share their insights. Attendees will get a well rounded view of the commercialisation process.

Wednesday 15 June 
Standardisation of Graphene and other 2D materials
The importance of standardisation for any material that is to be commercially successful cannot be overstated and there are many different issues surrounding standardisation of graphene and other 2D materials. All of these issues will be explored and discussed in this session of the Graphene Innovation Forum. Characterisation and reporting techniques will be talked about in detail to give a clear overview of industry norms and current standards.


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