Women in Graphene

18:00-20:00, Tuesday, 11 September

The Women in Graphene initiative within the Graphene Flagship has been set up to help support women and create a more gender diverse scientific community. All Graphene Week 2018 attendees are welcome to participate in the session. 

My Path in Science as a Response to a Physics Professor's Statement on Gender Issues in the Seventies

Annick Loiseau, leading scientist with Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Onera​

The Gender Effect

Sanna Arpiainen, Senior Scientist at VTT

I will provide a short overview on the reasoning behind the important decisions that have defined my career path from scientific to industrial research and then challenge you to think of the influence of gender in the credibility, respect and access to silent information.

Switching Career from Academia to Industry

​Alba Centeno Pérez, Research Scientist at Graphenea

During this talk I would like to share with you my personal and professional experience in Science. My PhD was carried out within the Framework of an European Project focued on the development of  new materials for Nuclear Fusion Reactors. After some decisions I switched my career to more applied Research and I joined Graphenea S.A seven years ago. I will present you the evolution in a start-up company.

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