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Composites and Coatings

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Composites and Coatings

​The next generation of composites and coatings can be enhanced by graphene. Its excellent strength, conductivity, flexibility, light weight nature and barrier properties are useful for a wide range of applications. From anti-static and anti-corrosion coatings through to ultra-strong and ultra-lightweight composites, graphene can not only enhance the performance of current materials, but also enable new application fields.

Graphene can play a key role in the automotive, aerospace and building industries, where it can be used to enhance the properties of car panels, aerospace wings or concrete. As an additive in coatings, graphene could be used to weatherproof houses or prevent ships rusting. The conductivity and flexibility of graphene also makes it a promising additive for thermoforming plastics.

Graphene is at the centre of an ever increasing research and development effort in both academia and industry, with both large and small companies investing in the creation of new products. The world of graphene composites and coatings is poised to grow and become part of our everyday life.



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