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Biomedical Technologies

‚ÄčAs the demand for healthcare services continues to increase, so does the demand for novel healthcare solutions. These solutions should be more effective, cost less, prevent and cure disease, and should be equally effective throughout the world. Graphene is paving the way for novel diagnosis and treatments, thanks to its unique properties, such as high surface area, electron mobility, and functionalisation potential; all favourable for biomedical technologies.

For instance, the surface area of graphene makes an excellent platform for drug delivery and the conductivity makes for effective biosensors. The ability of graphene to be made into scaffolds whilst maintaining the inherent conductivity can be put to use in tissue engineering. New research has shown that graphene can be incorporated with a polymer to make very sensitive electromechanical sensors, and that it can be used to make improved deep brain implants.

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Publishing date: 03 May 2018 08:56