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Composites and coatings

​The next generation of composites and coatings can be enhanced by graphene. Its excellent strength, conductivity, flexibility, light weight nature and barrier properties are useful for a wide range of applications. From anti-static and anti-corrosion coatings through to ultra-strong and ultra-lightweight composites, graphene can not only enhance the performance of current materials, but also enable new application fields.



Fermented Foams: Graphene Composite Foams using Beer Yeasts Fermented Foams: Graphene Composite Foams using Beer Yeasts Inspired by natural foams, researchers have developed graphene-containing composite foams by fermenting with yeast. The process gives the multifunctional composites unusual electrical and mechanical properties.<img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/News/2017/graphene-yeast-foam-composites-750.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> 13:57:14020502aspx5162htmlFalseaspx<img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/News/2017/graphene-yeast-foam-composites-sq.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Innovative Shoes using Graphene by IIT and FADELInnovative Shoes using Graphene by IIT and FADELGraphene enables footwear with better thermal properties in a new product on the market. Developed by Graphene Flagship partners IIT in collaboration with FADEL. 13:57:14041768aspx6678htmlFalseaspx<img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/News/2017/Vittorio Pellegrini and the Graphene Shoe (1).jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">

​Graphene can play a key role in the automotive, aerospace and building industries, where it can be used to enhance the properties of car panels, aerospace wings or concrete. As an additive in coatings, graphene could be used to weatherproof houses or prevent ships rusting. The conductivity and flexibility of graphene also makes it a promising additive for thermoforming plastics.

​Motorcycle Helmet

The graphene motorcycle helmet was launched as a commercial product in 2016. A graphene coating allows better distribution of impact force, making the helmet less susceptible to damage compared to helmets without graphene, even in high temperature conditions. Read moreRead more
Developed by: Momodesign and IIT

​Graphene Supercar

This Mono track car has body panels made from graphene carbon fibre composite, which are lighter and stronger than panels not containing graphene.
Developed by: BAC, The University of Manchester and

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