Zero Gravity Graphene


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Zero Gravity Graphene

Researchers and students in the Graphene Flagship are preparing for two exciting experiments in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) to test the viability of graphene for space applications. Both experiments will launch between 6-17th November 2017, testing graphene in zero-gravity conditions to determine its potential in space applications including light propulsion and thermal management.

The Graphene Flagship is a pan-European research initiative dedicated to developing new technologies based on graphene, the single-atom-thick allotrope of carbon with excellent electrical, mechanical, thermal and optical properties. A fundamental aspect of the Graphene Flagship is training students and young researchers. These ambitious space-related experiments are an excellent opportunity for Flagship students and researchers to gain new experiences in cutting-edge research. Join us as we follow their progress – from the early stages in the laboratory to the moments of weightlessness!


Zero-Gravity: Graphene for Space Applications
Two experiments, testing graphene in zero-gravity conditions, are being prepared by Graphene Flagship researchers to be launched in November. Join us as we follow the progress – from the early stages in the laboratory to the moments of weightlessness!
The Team - Satellite Heat Pipes
Meet the team who will run the experiment on graphene in loop heat pipes on a parabolic flight in November 2017.
The Team - Solar Sails
Meet the team who will run an experiment on graphene in solar sails at the ZARM drop tower in November 2017.
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