Graphene's flexibility could be used in emerging technologies such as rollerball computers, heat sensitive clothing and flexible phones.
Graphene can conduct electricity even better than copper and this gives graphene endless applications including conductive paints and inks, next generation electronics and more efficient batteries.
​​Graphene is transparent, meaning that we could see TV's built into windows and Sat Navs built into car windscreens in the future of electronics.
One of graphene's most dynamic properties is its remarkable thinness. At just one atom thick, graphene is one million times thinner than the diameter of a human hair.
Graphene is the strongest material known to man. It is over 200 times stronger than steel. The strength of graphene could be used in composites...
Graphene has the highest thermal conductivity known to man. ​But how can we harness this and what can it be used for?