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Crossing the Atlantic with Graphene Flagship Mobility Grant

Luca Banszerus, PhD Student at RWTH Aachen University is the first receiver of a Graphene Flagship Mobility Grant to the US. He will stay for six months at the lab of Professor Philip Kim at Harvard University.

“I will visit Professor Kim’s lab as part of my PhD project. We will work on the fabrication of high quality, large area van-der-Waals stacks using CVD graphene. The focus of the visit at Harvard will be on generating very clean interfaces between different 2d materials. Personally, I think visiting another group and doing research in a new environment will be a great experience,” says Luca Banszerus.

Christoph Stampfer is Luca Banszerus' supervisor and he believes that both Luca and RWTH Aachen will benefit from the exchange.

“The Mobility Grant is useful for back-and-forth exchange, so that we can keep up the activities we have running in Aachen, while bringing technology from Philip Kim’s lab who has tremendous knowledge of 2D materials and 2D structures. I also think Luca will benefit on a personal level. I think it’s very important that young, motivated people get given the opportunity to work in other labs and get exposed to other working atmospheres.”

Two three-month stays at Harvard are planned for Luca Banszerus at the beginning and end of 2017.


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Publishing date: 08 November 2016 13:28