Mobile World Congress 2017

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Mobile World Congress 2017

Explore the Graphene Experience Zone

Following the success of the Graphene Pavilion at Mobile World Congress 2016, graphene is back at MWC 2017 with an immersive Experience Zone exploring graphene mobile innovation. The Graphene Experience Zone contains industry and academic co-exhibitors who will highlight current graphene innovation in mobile applications using demonstrators and operational prototypes to bring graphene to life.

Location: NEXTech Hall 8.0, Stand M33, Mobile World Congress, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

Dates: 27 February - 2 March

Hashtag: #GrapheneMWC

Five Innovation Areas + Graphene Concept Car

Concept Car
At the heart of the Graphene Experience Zone will be the graphene concept car developed by the University of Manchester in collaboration with Haydale, UK, and British carmaker BAC (Briggs Automotive Company).

IoT and Sensors

Graphene’s large surface area, high electrical conductivity, unique optical properties and high thermal conductivity make it ideal for sensors that can be used to develop building blocks for the Internet of Things.

Wearables and Health

The biological compatibility of graphene can be used in biological sensors capable of sensing molecules such as DNA and many different analytes, like glucose, glutamate, cholesterol and haemoglobin.

Graphene-based technologies are proving integral to the new generation of communications, such as 5G, enabling high performance optical communication systems through ultra-fast and compact optoelectronic devices.

Graphene and related materials (GRMs), with their high surface area, large electrical conductivity, light weight nature, chemical stability and high mechanical flexibility have a big role to play in meeting this demand in both energy generation and storage. ​

Graphene's excellent strength, conductivity, flexibility, light weight nature and barrier properties are useful for a wide range of applications. From anti-static and anti-corrosion coatings through to ultra-strong and ultra-lightweight composites.

Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organised by the GSMA and held in Barcelona, Spain, in late February every year. The 2016 edition of MWC attracted over 100 000 attendees, 2000 exhibitors and was covered by more than 3 600 members of international press and media.

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