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​2D Experimental Pilot Line

This new project by the European Commission aims to gather European expertise across the value chain to bring graphene and related materials to market.

The Graphene Flagship marks a major milestone toward its commercialisation goals with the launch of an experimental pilot line to integrate graphene and related layered materials (GRMs) in semiconductor platforms. With this new project, the European Commission will invest €20 million in the next generation of electronics and semiconductors. Graphene and related layered materials are ready to hit the market, maturing out of the lab for electronics and optoelectronics applicationsThe 2D Experimental Pilot Line (2D-EPL) will be the first graphene foundry to integrate graphene and layered materials into semiconductor platformskeeping Europe at the forefront of this technological revolution – and scaling-up manufacturing is a critical step forward for the advancement of electronic components. 

Born within the innovative ecosystem pioneered by the Graphene Flagship EU-funded project, the new 2D-EPL will cover the entire value chain, from tool producers and chemical and material providers to manufacturing lines. This collaborative project will integrate several Graphene Flagship members to pioneer the fabrication of new prototype electronics, photonic devices and sensors integrating graphene and layered materials. The 2D-EPL will offer comprehensive prototyping services to companies, research centres and academics, so they can develop and test their innovative technologies based on 2D materials. 

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