‚ÄčThe objective of this work package is to manage, coordinate and support efficient processes for innovation and related activities.
In this way, innovation-related results and possibilities generated in the scientific work packages will be supported by infrastructure and communication of innovation results will be facilitated. In addition to this, innovation will contain proactive measures to stimulate innovation within consortia activities as well as outside. It is important to realise that the innovation process requires presence in near vicinity of researchers; hence, the Innovation WP will depend heavily on already existing structures at flagship partners for handling the innovation process.

There are four main activities in the Innovation WP:

  • Acquire, store, and communicate information about invention disclosures, patent applications, and patents granted, stemming from the flagship activities.
  • Seek and maintain contacts with SMEs.
  • Seek contacts with and maintain relations with venture capital firms in order to facilitate investments in graphene inventions and companies.
  • Develop, anchor and implement the IPR Management and Entrepreneurship Management for the Horizon 2020 phase of the Flagship.

Work Package Leader: Kari Hjelt, Chalmers Industrial Technology, Sweden
Work Package Deputy: Francesco Bonaccorso, BeDimensional SpA, Italy

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Publishing date: 06 July 2020 12:28