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Divisions and Work Packages

The Graphene Flagship is implemented in six divisions; four of them scientific and one each for Partnering Projects and Administration. Within the divisions are a total of 20 Work Packages, 15 on research and innovation and five on operative management aspects:

​​​​1. Enabling Science and Materials

Leader: Vladimir Falko, The University of Manchester, UK
Deputy: Bart van Wees, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Work Package 1: 
Enabling Research
Work Package 2:
Work Package 3:
Enabling Materials

2. Health, Medicine and Sensors

Leader: Maurizio Prato, University of Trieste, Italy
Deputy: Kostas Kostarelos, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Work Package 4: 
Health and Environment
Work Package 5:
Biomedical Technologies
Work Package 6:

3. Electronics and Photonics Integration

Leader: Daniel Neumaier, AMO, Germany
Deputy: Frank Koppens, ICFO, Spain

Work Package 7:
Electronic Devices

Work Package 8:
Photonics and Optoelectronics

Work Package 9:
Flexible Electronics

Work Package 10: 
Wafer-Scale System Integration

4. Energy, Composites and Production

​Leader: Gerard Gebel, CEA, France​
Deputy: Xinliang Feng, TU Dresden, Germany

Work Package 11: 
Energy Generation
Work Package 12: 
Energy Storage
Work Package 13:
Functional Foams and Coatings

Work Package 14: 
Polymer Composites
Work Package 15:

5. Partnering Division

​Leader: Stefano Borini, Graphitene, UK
Deputy: Oguz Gülseren, Bilkent University, Turkey

​6. Administration and Services​

Leader: Katarina Boustedt, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden​
Deputy: Ana Helman, European Science Foundation, France

Work Package 16:
Work Package 17:
Work Package 18:
Work Package 19:
Research Management

Work Package 20:

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