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Mission: Exploratory studies of graphene and complementary 2D materials leading to new concepts for their applications.
To enable future exploitation of the potential offered by graphene and complementary two-dimensional (2D) materials for applications, we will develop their detailed understanding and in formulate new device concepts complementary to the existing silicon technologies, including devices for quantum technologies and metrology. We will identify new electronics and optoelectronics functionalities based on broad studies of 2D materials and create, explore and engineer van der Waals hetero- and superstructures of 2D crystals, in view of their electronics and optoelectronic applications. We will also use graphene and other 2D materials to create nanocapillary systems for gas separation and water filtration.

Work Package Leader: Vladimir Falko, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Work Package Deputy: Alberto Morpurgo, University of Geneva, Switzerland​

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Publishing date: 31 March 2020 23:56