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Functional Foams and Coatings

​​This work package focuses on the chemical processing and functional applications of GRM to create nanocomposite thin films, coatings and 3D porous foam structures:
Target applications will be, for example, in the areas of electronics, flexible electronics, supercapacitors, batteries, fuel cells, photocatalysis, membranes, anticorrosion and desalination/water purification technologies. The results and materials produced in this WP will be tested and shared with other WPs (e.g. enabling materials, energy generation, energy storage, sensors, flexible electronics, production) to integrate these nanocomposites into working devices.

Work Package Leader: Xinliang Feng, Technical University of Dresden, Germany
Work Package Deputy: Paolo Samori, Université de Strasbourg, France

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Publishing date: 23 May 2018 10:15