​The objective of  Work Package Composites is to translate the exceptional properties of graphene from the nanoscale up to macroscopic materials.
The impressive properties often quoted for graphene are the ones measured on single, defect-free sheets. Though, most of the concrete applications of graphene require the use of defective, polycrystalline graphene in composite materials made of billions of sheets interacting with each other and with the outer environment. This is true, in particular, for applications in strategic industrial sectors of the European Union such, as example, aerospace, automotive, power generation and transport, etc.

Thus, we will study GRM-based composites spanning from simple bilayers up to complex, three-dimensional graphene-polymer networks, to measure and model structural and electrical properties in multi-scale, hierarchical 2D-3D systems of increasing complexity.

In a few words, we want to find the best ways to use 2D materials in a three​-dimensional world.

Work Package Leader: Costas Galiotis, FORTH, Greece
Work Package Deputy: Ian Kinloch, UNIMAN, United Kingdom

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Publishing date: 08 June 2018 11:34