In Work Package Sensors different complementary approaches are explored to demonstrate proof-of-principle graphene-based sensing schemes for environmental- and bio-sensing.

The rapidly increasing use of sensors throughout society, and the demand for cheaper and better devices with less power consumption, depends critically on the emergence of new sensor materials and concepts. Graphene has potential for sensor development within a very wide range of applications because of its large surface area in combination with excellent electrical and mechanical properties. The advantages of graphene-based sensors are that these can furthermore be made very compact and cheap compared to other technologies, paving for example the way for distributed sensor networks that can be used for environmental and health monitoring. Graphene technology could thus result in a wave of cheap and compact sensor devices, with functionalities not seen in existing sensor technology.

Work Package Leader: Peter Steeneken, Technische Universiteit Delft (TuDelft), The Netherlands
Work Package Deputy: Sanna Arpiainen, VTT, Finland

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Publishing date: 23 May 2018 10:12