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IP Management

The Graphene Flagship aims to develop new models for innovation and IP management in collaborative development, and to create the tools and rationale for IP Management that will enable partners to improve on current practices for collaborative innovation.
These models and tools were launched in 2016 to support more effective and efficient collaborative development processes, appropriate for the context of large-scale platform initiatives.

Why do Future and Emerging Technologies need effective models for Innovation and IP management?

  • Strategic investments in key technologies such as graphene strengthen innovation across existing and emerging sectors
  • Public-private partnerships need to yield a higher return in practice on invested public funds.
  • Europe needs to attract more private investment in research and innovation
  • Europe needs more innovative SMEs to create growth and jobs

Why is there a need to evolve the models developed in previous Framework Programmes?*

  • Less than 50% of industrial partners use publicly funded applied research projects strategically
  • Only about 22% of SMEs participating in EU research programs are strategic innovators
  • Most academics engage with industry to further their research rather than commercialize their knowledge
  • Results are unexploited, because projects were not designed for exploitation
  • There is a strong relationship between internationalization and innovation, but SMEs are not aware of internationalisation support programs.

*Based on findings by Directorate-General Research and Innovation.

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