Management Panel

The Management Panel is an implementing body that consists of 13 members, of whom 8 are voting members and 5 are non-voting members.

Andrea Ferrari

The Chairman of the Management Panel is Andrea Ferrari, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Voting members are the Heads of the Divisions for Enabling Science and Materials; Health, Medicine and Sensors; Electronics and Photonics Integration; Energy, Composites and Production; and the Partnering Division; the Flagship Director; the Science and Technology Officer (who is also the chairperson); and the Head of Innovation.

Non-voting members are the Graphene Flagship Vice Director, the Heads of Administration and Dissemination, the Alignment Officer and the Secretary of the Management Panel.

​​​The voting members of the Management Panel are: 
​Stephan Roche
​Enabling Science and Materials Division Head
Kostas Kostarelos
University of Manchester 
United Kingdom
​Health, Medicine and Sensors Division Head
​Marco Romagnoli
Electronics and Photonics Integration​Division Head

​Vittorio Pellegrini

BeDimensional Spa
Italy​Energy, Composites and Production Division Head

Yuri Svirko

University of Eastern Finland
​Partnering Division Head

​Cedric Huyghebaert

​2D-EPL Division Leader

Jari Kinaret
Chalmers University of Technology
​Graphene Flagship Director
Andrea Ferrari
The University of Cambridge
​United Kingdom
Science and Technology Officer
Kari HjeltChalmers Ind​ustrial Technology​​Sweden​Head of Innovation

The non-voting members of the Management Panel are: 

Vincenzo Palermo​

​Chalmers University of Technology


​Graphene Flagship Vice Director

Macarena Muñoz-Ruiz

​Chalmers University of Technology


​Head of Administration

Elena Novoselova

​Chalmers University of Technology


​Head of Dissemination

​Ana Helman

​Fondation Européenne de la Science


​Alignment Officer

​Jackie Brown

​Chalmers University of Technology

Secretary of the Management Panel

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