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Partnering Mechanisms under Horizon 2020

Partnering Projects (PPs) are research and/or innovation projects funded by regional, national, European and other sources (e.g., private industry), with objectives that are in line with the overall Graphene Flagship mission.

As a means of achieving its goals and expected impact on the European economy and society, there is a need for the Graphene Flagship to leverage available resources in Europe and build a scientific and technological research community that extends beyond the Graphene Flagship Core Project (CP) consortium.The concept of a Partnering Project (PP) was introduced into the Flagship model to define the principles by which research teams or organisations, which are not part of the CP consortium, can be integrated into the Graphene Flagship initiative. The aim is to provide flexible and efficient mechanisms to perform research and innovation activities which are in line with the overall Flagship objectives and be of mutual benefit to all parties. PPs and their partners who become Associated Members (AMs) of the Flagship bring new knowledge, competencies, ideas and resources to the Graphene Flagship. PP's and AM's are an integral part of the Flagship under Horizon2020 and contribute to its overall scientific and technological agenda by performing research and innovation activities in cooperation with the CP consortium.

More detailed information about the partnering mechanism including benefits for Associated Members is available in the document; “Partnering with the Graphene Flagship”.

What are Partnering Projects?

A Partnering Project (PP) is a research or innovation project whose objectives are relevant to the Graphene Flagship. PP's contribute to the implementation of the Graphene Flagship Roadmap or bring in new research directions and expertise, by performing research, innovation and networking activities in cooperation with members of the Graphene Flagship Core Project.

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What is an Associated Member?

Members of a Partnering Project that are not already members of the Core Project can become Associated Members (AM's) of the Flagship. This applies only to those members of a PP that wish to be associated with the Flagship. An organisation that is not part of a specific PP can also become an AM providing it comes with an own, publicly or privately funded, research activity contributing to the Graphene Flagship's S&T roadmap and objectives. Individual organisations wishing to candidate for becoming an Associated Member have first to be nominated by a member of the Executive Board or by a Core Project work-package Leader. Examples of such AM's include: a company having an own-funded internal R&D activity, a private or public research institute having a relevant own-funded or publicly-funded R&D activity, etc. Associated Members have to be legal entities established in one of the EU or Horizon2020 Associated Countries.

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Why get involved as a Partnering Project or Associated Member?

PPs and AMs gain access to the different information and networking platforms of the Graphene Flagship and can actively engage in science and technology cooperation with the relevant partners of the Graphene Flagship CP consortium as for example:

  • Research collaborations in areas of mutual interest and in accordance with the specific grant agreements supporting the respective projects
  • Exchange of information, data and material in accordance with the intellectual property agreements in place
  • Networking and training activities
  • Identification of future opportunities for collaboration
  • Engaging in roadmapping and planning activities
  • Support for dissemination and networking (travel grants) through the SCOPE project

Full list of benefits for Associated Members

How to become a Partnering Project and/or Associated Member?

Candidate PPs and AMs may be identified by:

  • Graphene Flagship CP members
  • European Commission (EC)
  • National and regional funding agencies

In addition, members of the science and technology community may also wish to candidate for becoming a PP or an AM on their own initiative. Organisations that are candidates for becoming an Associated Member without being part of a specific project (individual AM's) have to be nominated by a member of the Executive Board or by a Core Project Work Package Leader.

Since no additional funding is available for Partnering Projects from the Graphene Flagship Core Project budget, PP's and their AM's will have to demonstrate that they:

  • Already have their own funding in order to perform research and innovation activities
  • Significantly contribute to the Flagship’s technology and innovation roadmap and overall mission

Candidate PP's / AM's are selected based on their level of complementarity and added expertise with respect to the existing competencies and future needs of the Graphene Flagship.

Applications for becoming a PP and AM are submitted to the Graphene Flagship Partnering Liaison Manager through the dedicated email []. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis and there is no submission deadline. Decisions about approving PP's and AM's are made by the Management Panel. 

Application form for Partnering Projects

Application form for individual (nominated) Associated Members

For more information please contact:

Dr Ana Helman, European Science Foundation

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