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How does SCOPE support the Partnering Projects and Associated Members?  

The resources allocated to the Core Project do not cover direct interactions and coordination of Partnering Projects and Associated Members. As a consequence, opportunities may be missed to expand the community around the Graphene Flagship, and for adding important capacity to the project and the broader research agenda in Europe. Therefore, SCOPE has been designed to provide a unique and valuable opportunity to bridge this gap by leveraging additional resources that would enable the Graphene Flagship to deliver a coherent approach to Partnering Projects and Associated Members and, ultimately, extend the Flagship’s outreach and ability to benefit the research community in Europe and internationally.

  • Grants support

SCOPE provides support to institutions and researchers involved in Partnering Projects, and to Associated Members to efficiently organize their interactions amongst themselves and with the Core Project, through their participation in meetings, workshops or other relevant activities1 organised by the Core Project, and to help them create an “ecosystem” where the Core Project co-exist and interact with the Partnering Projects and Associated Members. For more information on the eligibility criteria and how to apply, please read the “SCOPE support” document.

The opportunities listed below are not exhaustive and will be updated based on the needs and feedback from Partnering Division members.

  1. Travel support to attend (networking) activities organised by the Graphene Flagship Core Project. Apply here.
  2. Student Grants to attend Graphene Study School
  3. Visit grants - short visits to Core Project organisations. Apply here.
  4. Mobility grants – international visits (outside the EU and the Graphene Flagship consortium)Apply here.
  5. Support to organise side events at the Graphene Week Conference
  6. Support to Partnering Division representatives (Head and Deputy)
  7. Mobile World Congress (MWC) registration grants

1 This applies only to Core Project meetings open to Associated Members and Partnering Projects as defined by the relevant Core Project Work Package or Division Leaders and in line with specific confidentiality agreements that apply.

  • Communication of research results to the society and the media

SCOPE provides dissemination support for an active promotion of partnering opportunities. Researchers involved in Partnering Projects and Associated Members will benefit from the enhanced exposure of their project among the general public and in the media. To this aim, SINC, the science news agency of FECYT, offers communication support to the Partnering Projects in order to foster the impact of the project activities and research results of these projects. SINC will develop news, reports, interviews or audio-visual materials around the work of the researchers involved in Graphene Flagship's Partnering Projects. 

This scientific information will be posted on the Graphene Flagship website and social media, on the SINC website and their social networks, and on the SCOPE social media. 

  • Support and Management of the Partnering Division

SCOPE provides support to the Partnering Division on the process of the definition of the division’s structure, its modus operandi and its representation in the Graphene Flagship management and governance. SCOPE will ensure effective communication and interaction between the Partnering Division members and their representatives (i.e., Head and Deputy), who will become members of the Graphene Flagship Management Panel.

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For questions related to the grants support and the Partnering Division, please contact: and

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