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Talga Technologies and Graphene-XT presented their success stories at the Graphene Flagship General Assembly

​By: Sara García-Rodríguez (FECYT) and Siân Fogden (Graphene Flagship)
Within the partnering environment of the Future and Emerging Technologies Flagships, co-funded by the European Commision, Talga Technologies and Graphene-XT presented their success stories at the Graphene Flagship General Assembly.

May 18th, 2018. The annually Graphene Flagship General Assembly, organised this time at IMEC (Belgium) on 11 to 12 April 2018, exists to share Flagship news, as a networking platform to enable collaboration and as the forum for the Graphene Flagship (GF), to undertake its voting decisions. This year saw almost 200 delegates from nearly 100 different member organisations.

Opened by the Director of the GF, Jari Kinaret, the meeting saw presentations from across the Flagship focusing on both science and technology. "The Graphene Flagship has now been operating for 4 ½ years and has much to be proud of. The past year brought about many breakthroughs within the Flagship which is well on track to deliver on its promises," said Kinaret.

As an illustration of the move that the GF is making from research towards innovation, there were also a number of success stories from partners and associate members both SME and large enterprises, introduced by Andrea Ferrari, the GF Science and Technology Officer. 12 Associated Members of the GF attended the meeting, including Owens Corning, Versarien and Aimplas, with Talga Technologies and Graphene-XT presenting their success stories.

Anna Motta from Talga Technologies outlined their integrated value chain and the access to one of the largest supplies of graphite in Europe and worldwide, which can be turned in billions of m3 of graphene to cover a number of markets.

Simone Ligi from Graphene-XT srl announced the sale of the first 5km roll of graphene film. Graphene-XT have just transitioned from Associated Member to Core Member of the Flagship and they presented at the General Assembly as a Core Flagship Member.

The interactions of the Partnering Projects (PPs) and Associated Members (AMs) with the Graphene Flagship are proving their benefits already, with some individual Associated Members, as Graphene-XT srl, transitioning to become core members of the Flagship.

The support of the SCOPE project for the GF partnering environment

The SCOPE project, funded by the EC, is providing support to institutions and researchers involved in GF PPs and AMs by several types of grants. Ana-Maria Ciubotaru from the European Science Foundation, and partner in the SCOPE project in charge of the strategic dialogue for fostering the partnering environment in the GF, explained the financial and communication support available.

By communicating the research results of the AMs and PPs to the media in collaboration with the GF communication channels, SCOPE will help to raise awareness about the accomplishment of the Flagship goals in terms of scientific leadership, economical and societal benefits.

The GF Partnering Division, who represents the GF PPs and AMs, was presented by its Head, Stefano Borini, from the company Graphitene, which it is also an Associated Member of the GF. He explained the current status of the GF PPs and AMs and the feedback of the Partnering Division survey made last February. Borini is also member of the Advisory Committee of SCOPE.


Fostering the mutual benefits of the PPs and AMs and the Graphene Flagship

Partnering Projects (PPs) and Associated Members (AMs) are research and/or innovation projects funded by regional, national, European and other sources (e.g., private industry). The concept of a PP was introduced by the EC to define the principles by which research teams or organisations, which are not part of the GF consortium, can be integrated by providing flexible and efficient mechanisms to perform research and innovation activities, which are in line with the overall GF objectives and be of mutual benefit to all parties.

Being part of the partnering environment bring research collaborations in areas of mutual interest and engagement in roadmapping, among other benefits.

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