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Workforce Statistics

The Graphene Flagship, as every EU funded project, continuously collects workforce statistics, which include information on female and male persons involved in the project.


​Workforce statistics of the Graphene Flagship as per 31st March 2016, i.e. at the closing of the ramp-up phase:

  • 28% women total (392 of 1355). This includes persons who have been working in the Graphene Flagship, for example scientists, admin, financial and legal officers.
  • 23% of the scientists are women (255 of 1110 total, counting "Researcher" and Principal Investigator" labelled people)
  • 14% of the persons stated as Principal Investigators in the Description of Work are women (30 of 219)
  • Three of 16 work package leaders in the ramp-up phase are women
    • Prof Mar Garcia Hernandez leads WP Materials - a scientific work package
    • Dr Ana Helman leads WP Alignment, which is an admininstrative work package
    • Dr Katarina Boustedt leads WP Research Management, which contains the tasks on Roadmap, Standardisation, Samples and Materials Database, and handles all science reporting, but is considered an admininstrative work package

 Graphene Core 1 - 696656

The same three women lead WPs in the current project phase which is called Core 1 (April 2016 – March 2018), and the total number of WPs is now 20. In Core 1, the WPs are arranged in divisions; four science divisions, one external science division (for the partnering projects and associated members), and one admin division. The division leaders are all male, except for the Admin Division which is lead by Dr Katarina Boustedt.

The decision-making bodies in Core 1 are the Management Panel, Executive Board and General Assembly.

  • The Management Panel (MP) consists of the Division leaders for scientific divisions, Director, Head of Innovation and Science and Technology Officer, all male. In addition, the Vice-Director, WP leader Alignment and Heads of Dissemination and Admin are expected to attend meetings but cannot vote. Of these the vice-Director is male and the other three female. Hence all eight votes in the MP are male. There is also a female secretary in the MP meetings.
  • The Executive Board (EB) is the Management Panel plus ten persons elected by the General Assembly. Of the ten, three are women. This means that in total three of eighteen votes in the EB are female. Also here, the Vice-Director, WP leader Alignment and Heads of Dissemination and Admin are expected to attend meetings but cannot vote. Also here there is a female secretary in the meetings.
  • The General Assembly (GA) has one voting person per partner of the Graphene Flagship. At the start of Core 1, there were 22 of 152 women in the GA, 14%

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