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Ramp-up phase in rear-view mirror

​After the first 30 months of operation of its two FET Flagships, the Graphene Flagship and the Human Brain Project, the European Commission reports on lessons learned from the launch of these major research initiatives.

From the European Commission's announcement:

The Flagships create amazing collaboration opportunities across the participating organisations and beyond; they trigger strategic discussions both with large scientific communities and with industry on new technology development and innovation opportunities for Europe; they help recruiting, educating, and developing research talents in Europe by mobilising dozens of enthusiastic young researchers, and they create and spread an innovation mind-set in Europe by implementing ambitious innovation management practices.

"We promote innovation inside and outside the Flagship consortium by organising industrial workshops, by participating in activities such as the Mobile World Congress which attracts over 100,000 decision makers from European industries and through specific actions such as standardisation and road-mapping. The number of industrial partners who joined us in the Flagship has more than tripled since 2013,” says Jari Kinaret, Director of the Graphene Flagship.

Read the full announcement by the European Commission

Detailed analysis of lessons learned (PDF)

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Publishing date: 31 October 2016 13:44