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Innovation Education and Training Platform

Our new centralised platform offers courses for researchers to learn about managing results effectively, patenting technologies, creating start-ups and more.
EU Funded

The Graphene Flagship's Innovation Education and Training Platform serves as a central training hub for Graphene Flagship researchers looking to bolster their professional careers in scientific innovation and academic entrepreneurship. The platform, coordinated by our Innovation Work Package, offers a whole host of video courses and resources covering a range of topics, including intellectual property, patenting, start-up creation, technology transfer, venture capital and more – all in one place. The wealth of content is provided by the Graphene Flagship's very own experts, in addition to several courses from the European Patent Office.

The platform offers training for researchers at any stage in their career, and aims to help researchers establish and solidify their presence in an increasingly competitive commercial environment. To get started, visit our registration page.

We are committed to supporting new innovations in graphene and layered materials and are hopeful that the Innovation Education and Training Platform will help talented Graphene Flagship researchers get their products out of the lab and onto the market.