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Mobile World Congress 2020

Now in its fifth year, the Graphene Pavilion, curated by the Graphene Flagship Innovation Team, and supported by the European Commission and the GSMA, will arrive to Barcelona with different graphene-based working prototypes and devices that will transform future telecommunications. 

The Graphene Pavilion will also debunk myths around the cost of producing graphene. Thanks to technologies developed by the Graphene Flagship, graphene production is scalable, and can be used to produce even the quantities required for aeronautics and space applications.

A new addition this year is that visitors at Mobile World Congress will be able to explore all the different Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagships, and learn how they are transforming Europe. 

This year the Graphene Pavilion will showcase more mature technologies at a higher technology readiness level with companies taking the centre-stage.

Event Details - Mobile World Congress 2020

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24 February 2020 08:00
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27 February 2020 18:00

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