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Honolulu, Hawaii (USA)
8-13 May 2022
  • Honolulu, Hawaii (USA)
  • 8-13 May 2022

MRS Spring Meeting 2022 - Meeting & Exhibit

Welcome to The MRS Spring Meeting 2022, a hybrid meeting and exhibit held in Honolulu, Hawaii, May 8-13, 2022, and online May 23-25, 2022. Graphene Flagship researcher Paolo Bondavalli, Thales Research and Technology, will chair the symposium on 2D Topological Materials—Growth, Theoretical Models and Applications.

The MRS Spring 2022 Exhibit & Meeting

The MRS Spring 2022 hybrid meeting format provides two options for attendees, one in Honolulu, Hawaii, May 8-13, 2022, and one online May 23-25, 2022.

The Honolulu Experience (In Person) offers attendees a traditional MRS Meeting, including a full slate of symposium sessions, professional development events, award presentations, an interactive exhibit hall and in-person networking opportunities. Those who attend in person in Honolulu also will be able to participate in The Virtual Experience.

The Virtual Experience, held two weeks later, includes the same symposium topics, but with a separate selection of talks delivered via our virtual platform. All presentations, events, networking and exhibits will be available online only.

Symposium QT05—2D Topological Materials—Growth, Theoretical Models and Applications

2D Topological materials are a new class of materials that can, thanks to their extraordinary properties, project us in the Beyond CMOS world. The symposium will cover the growth, the theoretical models on physics and the applications for 2D topological materials. The first part will focus on the growth of 2D materials, the second part on theoretical models explaining the topological behaviour, and a third part on the first applications of these materials and their impact on applications.

Lead Organisers

Lead Organiser

Dr Paolo Bondavalli

Thales Research and Technology

Judy cha
Lead Organiser

Prof Judy Cha

Yale University

Lead Organiser

Dr Adriana I.Figueroa

Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Lead Organiser

Prof Guy Lelay

Aix-Marseille University


The Honolulu Experience

The Honolulu Experience (In Person)
May 8-13, 2022

  • Attend live presentations
  • Access on-demand symposia
  • Enjoy first access to featured talks and Broader Impact Symposia
  • Connect with fellow attendees at socials and mixers
  • Visit the Exhibit and connect with exhibitors
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