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In which applications can graphene be beneficial? What are the limitations with graphene? What is the future outlook?

Address your questions to our experts during Mobile World Congress 2016 – everything from fundamental properties of graphene to future in printed electronics. Everything you need to do is to mark your tweets with #GrapheneMWC.

The Graphene Flagship's Twitter will during the Mobile World Congress be partly managed by our graphene experts who will answer your questions.

Graphene Flagship & general enquiries

​Siân Fogden

Dr Siân Fogden is the Science Writer for the Graphene Flagship. She obtained her MChem from Oxford University and PhD in Nanotechnology from Imperial College, London. Siân is the experienced communicator of technology to specialist and general audiences.

Expertise: Graphene, 2D Materials, Graphene Flagship, FET Flagship, Consortium, European Graphene Centres.


​Gabriele Navickaite

Gabriele Navickaite is the Research Engineers at the Institute of Photonic Science (ICFO). She got her Master degree in Europhotonics (Erasmus Mundus), University Paul Cézanne Aix Marseille III, Karlsruhe Institute of Tecnology, and UPC (ES). Gabriele contributes to the work of the Graphene Flagship group on Photonics and Electronics.

Expertise: Photodetectors, Imagine Systems.


​Ana-Maria Ciubotaru

Dr Ana-Maria Ciubotaru is the Science Officer at the European Science Foundation and the Deputy Leader of the Graphene Flagship WP European Programmatic Coordination and Alignment. Her current experience covers partnering mechanisms at the Graphene Flagship.

Expertise: ​Associated Members, Association Process, Partnering Projects, Partnering Mechanism, Expression of Interest, Competitive Calls.


​Reza Fathi

Dr Reza Fathi obtained his Ph.D in Material Science from University of Milano-Bicocca where he worked on electrode materials for Na-ion batteries. He contributes into the Graphene Flagship Work Package on Energy research and applications.

Expertise: Energy Generation, Energy Storage, Li-ion batteries, Supercapacitors, Composites, Graphene Inks.


Sanna Arpiainen

Dr Sanna Arpiainen is the senior scientist at the VTT Nanoelectronics and the Deputy Leader of the Graphene Flagship WP Sensors. She obtained her PhD in from Aalto University. Sanna is an expert in graphene-based sensors.

Expertise: Bio Sensors, Gas Sensors, Electromechanical sensors, etc.

Data communication

​Daniel Schall

Daniel Schall is an electrical engineer who has been with AMO since 2009, and is currently working toward a PhD at RWTH Aachen University. Daniel is doing graphene research in the field of high frequency electronics.

Expertise: High frequency Electronics, Microelectronics, Optoelectronics, Data Communication, Communication Systems and 4G.

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