Fast Data for the Future

Graphene Photonics for Optical Communications – CNIT (Italy), AMO GmbH (Germany), Ericsson (Sweden), Nokia (Finland)
Ultrafast data streams with extreme bandwidth are essential for a data-driven future.Transmitting and receiving optical data faster than ever with graphene-based modulators and photodetectors ensures future scalability.

Flexible Wireless Connection

Microwave link using graphene ICs - RWTH Aachen (Germany), AMO GmbH (Germany)
With this fully flexible graphene microwave communication devices, no rigid parts are needed to connect flexible devices to the internet. Graphene’s flexibility and excellent electronic properties make truly bendable electronics possible. This microwave link can be integrated into flexible phones and fully flexible wearables and health devices for comfortable smart tech.

Flexible Circuits for a Flexible Future

Flexible low-cost thin film logic circuits - RWTH Aachen (Germany), AMO GmbH (Germany)
Low-cost, flexible circuits will be the building blocks of fully flexible devices such as smartphones. Flexible graphene enables a range of circuits needed for key functionality in fully flexible electronics devices. Flexible electronics and smart textiles will be key to taking the Internet of Things everywhere.

Flexible Sensors for New Networks

Flexible THz – Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)
The first flexible THz sensor brings high frequency electronics to flexible devices. Graphene combines flexibility and high frequency response for new powerful electronics systems. Terahertz sensors open up new possibilities in high frequency communications, wireless sensor networks, imaging, wearable devices and smart clothing.