​The future in a pencil lead! It cuts ice even though it is only one atom thick, conducts electricity even though it is transparent and flexible, and is stronger than steel. Come to the Graphene Corner at YOMO and find out more!

The Graphene Corner, organized by ICFO in collaboration with the Graphene Flagship and GSMA, will give students and teachers the opportunity to learn and experiment with graphene in an entertaining and versatile way.
The Graphene Corner offers four micro-activities that students can carry out independently and that will be adapted to different ages. Students will be able to manipulate graphite to obtain graphene; those who produce the smallest number of layers (better exfoliation) will have the chance to enter the "Hall of Flakes". Through different hands-on activities, the conductivity of graphene, its sensitivity to light and transparency will be demonstrated. Among other things, the young participants will get a chance to transform a sheet of paper into a touch screen that will be easily programmed using makey-makeys. Students will also interact with a prototype photodetector with many potential applications, such as night vision or the measurement of vital signs.
The Graphene Corner also addresses educators, who will be provided with materials that explain how to integrate some of these activities in the classroom.

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Visit the Graphene Corner at the
YoMo: The Youth Mobile Festival!

27 February – 2 March 2018
La Farga de L’Hospitalet, Barcelona