Sensors and IoT

Smart Printed Textiles

Printed Sensors – GrapheneTech (Spain)
Graphene-based inks give printed textiles added functionality of touch sensors and circuits. Low-cost graphene inks can replace metal inks for printed circuits for a wide range of smart devices. Graphene inks will make the lead to wide availability of flexible circuits and sensors for smart connections and the Internet of Things.

Multifunctional Printed Sensors

Sensor Module – Cambridge Graphene Centre/University of Cambridge (UK), Novalia (UK)
A multifunctional printed graphene circuit with breath sensor, touch sensors and strain sensors turns a pipe into a musical instrument. Printed graphene sensors can make everyday devices multifunctional. Simple, low-cost printed circuits will add functionality to a range of everyday items for smart interactivity.

Seeing the Invisible

Spectrometer – ICFO (Spain)
This wide-spectrum graphene light camera sees details invisible to the human eye. Sensitive graphene photodetectors can detect light ultraviolet, visible and infrared light in the same camera sensor. New technologies enabled by wide-spectrum imaging include quality screening for food safety and imaging systems for autonomous cars.

Screen Force Sensors

Force-Touch Sensor – Cambridge Graphene Center/University of Cambridge (UK)
Graphene-based touch sensors for screens enable the tracking of force as well as the location of touch points. Printed graphene sensors provide low cost sensor circuits that can be easily integrated with smart screens. Force sensitivity adds another dimension to touch control of smartphones and devices for natural human-machine interaction.

Flexible NFC Devices

NFC Devices – CNR (Italy)
NFC antennas made of conductive graphene derivatives are suitable for flexible and curved surfaces and textiles. These graphene circuits provide a low cost, environmentally friendly alternative to metal antennas. Graphene expands possibilities for smart connections with NFC on flexible surfaces and smart textiles.

Wide-Spectrum Infrared Sensors

Vis-SWIR Detector Module – Emberion (Finland)
Emberion offers a TO-packaged single pixel sensing solution with graphene-based photodetectors for visible light to short-wave infrared light. Thanks to graphene’s excellent electronic properties this module has a very low-noise detection with no need for cooling. These wide-spectrum sensors are ideal for sensitive spectrometry, gas detection and quality control. In the near future Emberion will offer various arrays for infrared imaging.