About the workshop

Meet your future graphene collaborators at Graphene Connect – Biomedical Technologies. Listen to state-of-the-art research, industry representatives giving their view of graphene in biosensor and implant applications. Engage in group discussions and networking.

Workshop on graphene biotechnical innovation, 23 - 24 February, Grenoble

– Benefit from graphene in your R&D development

The programme includes popular presentation (general overview) on state-of-the art research by the work package leaders presenting the plan for the coming years, industry perspectives by industry representatives and investors. Building on the presentations, there will be moderated group discussions with the possibility of representatives across industry sectors to interact with each other as well as with researchers. The aim is to strengthen collaboration throughout the value chain from researchers, to component, system producers and end-users. 

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Prof. Kostas Kostarelos
Leader of the Nanomedicine Lab
University of Manchester

Prof. Lubomir Gradinarsky
Associate Principal Scientist - Novel Packaging

Dr Clemens Boucsein
Cheif Technology Officer
Multichannel Systems
Prof. Francois Berger

Dr ​Daniel Chew
Heads the neural interfacing technology portfolio of Bioelectronics
Glaxo Smith Kline

Dr Guillaume Buc
Cheif Technology Officer
Pixium Vision


Graphene Connect is an enabling instrument of the Graphene Flagship to engage in a direct dialogue and envision new collaborations between European companies and academics working in applied research, innovation and development related to graphene and other 2D materials.

Graphene Connect industry series provides an excellent opportunity to get an overview on research activities within the Graphene Flagship, as well as industry demands.

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