The Graphene Connect workshop will focus on graphene based composites:

  • lightweight and multi-functional composites for aerospace and automotive industry
  • graphene as additive in composites
  • graphene based coatings

As well as talks from leading researchers in both industry and academia, a key part of the workshop will be the opportunity for networking and open discussion. Representatives from Grupo Antolin, Avanzare, Polygraph and Talga will provide industry perspectives on the advantages and challenges of working with graphene.

One of the speakers is Dr Julio Gomez Cordon. He is the founder of Avanzare, a company specialising in the production of graphene for composite applications in plastics and coatings. Speaking about the benefits of graphene, he says “We are able to use graphene achieving better performance than conventional carbon additives at lower loadings, which leads to a very competitive price. We can also achieve multifunctional performance using graphene”

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Publishing date: 20 December 2016 10:56