The Graphene Flagship organizes Graphene Study to educate students and early career researchers interested in graphene and its applications. Graphene Study 2020, will cover 2D materials and energy storage.

2D Materials & Energy Storage

Graphene Study 2020 will offer keynote lecturers covering the fundamentals of Batteries and Supercapacitors, two pivotal devices in energy storage.

The school will also address the relevant two-dimensional materials for energy storage applications and the production methods, and focus on the components and the relevant technologies of modern batteries and supercapacitors and finally on techniques for the electrochemical characterization. 


The 2020 edition will offer a timely view (nobel prize in chemistry in 2019 on the discovery of Li-ion batteries) on energy storage devices with emphasis on the role (present and future) of two-dimensional crystals. We want to emphasize both aspects of fundamental research at the cutting-edge of the field but also offer an industrial viewpoint on the state of the art and possible future developments.

***Check back soon for further updates to the Graphene Study 2020 programme!***

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Publishing date: 24 February 2020 15:02