From the Chair

​Graphene Study 2019, to be held 3-8 February 2019 in the Austrian Alps, will offer a comprehensive review of the state of the art in science and technology of 2 dimensional materials (2DM). 2DM are compounds where covalent bonding of atoms within the layers and a weak van der Waals interlayer coupling enable one to create atomically thin crystals and heterostructures with a broad range of functionalities appealing for optoelectronic device applications.

The Graphene Study programme will cover growth methods and fabrication techniques for making high-mobility 2DM structures; in-depth analysis of electronic, plasmonic, spintronic and optical properties of 2DM and their heterostructures (including topological effects and moiré superlattice physics); and their novel device applications.

Lectures will be complemented by poster sessions, and the school will incorporate a one-day meeting of Graphene Flagship Division One focused on Enabling Science and Materials, giving the attendees easy access to discuss their work with some of the world-leaders in the field.

Sincerely yours,

Vladimir Falko
Chair of Graphene Study 2019


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