The scientific programme of the Graphene Study 2018 includes two workshops aiming to broaden the perspectives of research and also provide useful tips and hands-on exercises.

​Ethics Workshop

How to meet the challenges of research integrity in everyday research practice?

Wednesday 7 February at 14:00 - 15:40 by Ulrike Felt, University of Vienna

Over the past two decades the debates around issues of research integrity have been intensified. While everybody agrees that following rules of good scientific practices is essential to the scientific enterprise, in practice this is more complex. Pressure to publish, uncertain research careers and growing demands on researchers, seems to lead to an increase and a diversification of transgression of boundaries. Debates on the low degree of reproducibility of research results, the rising number of retractions of papers, debates of the visualisation of data to “convince” others, overpromising of results despite thin empirical evidence, are but a few examples.

If we want to promote a culture in which integrity is part and parcel of what it means to do excellent research, this means to reflect the many different moments in daily, practical operations when choices are made and the danger of overstepping the line is lurking. This presentation will sketch the core-problems at stake, integrate practical reflection exercises with participants and foster broader debate on these issues.

Inside Nature Research

Publication policies, editorial processes, scientific writing and publishing

Friday 9 February at 14:50 - 18:40 by Silvia Milana, Nature Research

The workshop will cover several aspects of scientific publishing, including what makes a good paper, elements of writing style, common issues in scientific writing, how to write an abstract, what key questions should be addressed in each section of a paper, data management and presentation, authorship and authors’ responsibilities, understanding peer review, the editorial process from submission to acceptance, the editorial criteria, plagiarism and other ethical issues.

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