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The Graphene Study 2018, summer edition, titled 2D materials for environment and energy applications, will delve into deeper aspects of how things work, exploring experimenters' techniques in studying energy and environmental applications for graphene, mainly filtration and energy storage technologies. Leading academic and industry experts from around the world, including Rohit Karnik from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Aleksandra Radenovic from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and David A. Pacheco Tanaka from Tecnalia will provide delegates with their insights on topics from nanofluidics and power generation to desalination using graphene.

Chair: Rahul Raveendran Nair, The University of Manchester

​Session Topics

MoS2 Nanopores – 2D sensing platforms
Desalination Using Graphene
Graphene Based Adsorbents for Water Remediation
Advanced Synthetic Strategies for Chemical Manipulation of Graphene Adsorbents
Tunable Graphene Based Membranes
Proton Transport through Atomically-Thin Electron Clouds
Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials: Fascinating Candidates for Rechargeable Batteries
Carbon-Based Nanomaterials for Microsupercapacitors
Nanoporous Polyaromatic 2D Membranes
Supercapacitors Based on Graphene
New 2D Materials for Energy Based Applications
Nanoporous Atomically Thin Graphene Membranes for Water Purification and Bio/Chemical Separations

​Important Dates

30 May, Student Grant Application Closes

10 June, Registration Closes

20 June, Late Registration Closes