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Our fringe sessions are co-organised events between the Graphene Flagship and leading-edge organisations aiming to promote networking, collaborations and funding opportunities related to graphene research and beyond. 

​Open Forum

Learn about the latest developments from the Graphene Flagship, the EU's largest ever research initiative and organiser of the Graphene Week conference.

​Funding and Collaboration

GF-MaX HPC Workshop
This session, led by the MaX Centre of Excellence director, will explore several collaborating and funding opportunities available in the field of high-performance computing and materials research.
Graphene in Space
Curious about the potential of graphene in space? We’ve teamed up with the European Space Agency (ESA) to deliver new funding opportunities for this niche area of materials research.
COST: European Cooperation in Science and Technology
Representatives from the COST Association will present how COST Actions strengthen the scientific community through collaboration and access to networking, training and funding opportunities.

​Career Development

Master Your Elevator Pitch: Promote Your Research
Scientists are no longer confined to laboratories but are ambassadors of their own ideas. Early career researchers are invited to learn how to master their elevator pitch at this interactive workshop.
Publishing Collaboration for the Graphene Flagship
This session will discuss the reporting of graphene research and launch several exciting initiatives between IOP and the Graphene Flagship.
Increase Publications
Celebrating 15 years of Nature Nanotechnology, this year's Graphene Week Nature session is set to be the most important yet. The session will focus on improving writing skills to increase publications.


Responsible Research and Innovation
During this session, speakers will advise researchers on how to engage properly with ethics during their projects.
Graphene Innovation Landscape as Reflected in Patents
Graphene-based innovation activities are unfolding globally, but which innovation hot spots will prove the most lucrative? In this session, visitors will gain access to a wealth of data across the patent landscape.
Success Stories of Graphene Applications by Associated Members
During this vibrant event, short success stories will be illustrated by five Partnering Division members who will present their leading-edge technological results in the field of graphene related materials.