GF-MaX HPC Workshop

European HPC initiatives and 2D materials research: collaborating and funding opportunities.

Fringe session: Tuesday, 24 September 2019 (14:30-15:30)

European HPC initiatives and 2D materials research: collaborating and funding opportunities.

Europe is launching new initiatives in the field of HPC and materials research: EuroHPC pools large investments to develop a world-class European supercomputing infrastructure, support the related research and innovation activities, and make supercomputing resources available to public and private users. The MaX Centre of Excellence (MaX - "Materials design at the exascale") supports the best use of such technologies for researchers in the materials domain, ensuring the evolution of quantum-mechanics based codes and data applications towards the exascale. These and other initiatives offer opportunities for collaboration and support to academia and industry, including small-medium enterprises. The session aims at illustrating and identifying perspectives of interest to 2D materials research & innovation and to the Graphene Flagship community.

Elisa Molinari is the Director of the MaX Centre of Excellence, and serves in the EuroHPC Research and Innovation Advisory Group. She is Professor at the University and the Cnr-Nano Institute in Modena, and is active in computational research on 2D materials.

Elisa Molinari, Director of the MaX Centre of Excellence, Italy.

Parallel Session / Tuesday, 24 September 2019 (15.30-18.00)

Graphene Flagship - MaX joint workshop on “High performance computing for 2D materials research"

Contributions are welcome to discusses advances and challenges in two-dimensional materials (2DM) research enabled by high-performance and high-throughput computing, including:
  Modelling of complex 2DM systems: interfaces, nanostructures, hybrid structures
  Properties of novel 2DM: expanding the set of properties that can be predicted
  Development of efficient computational approaches optimized for 2DM modelling
  High throughput computation and automated data analysis in 2DM research


Elisa Molinari – director of MaX Center

Vladimir Falko – Director of NGI

Vladimir Falko, WP Leader, University of Manchester, UK.

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