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Graphene Innovation Forum

Graphene Week will once again include Innovation Forum sessions. Spread out over three days the Innovation Forum will cover the topics Wearables, 5G and Datacom, and Energy Technologies.

This year's Graphene Innovation Forum will consist of three targeted industry workshops, aiming to create new innovation projects between academia and industry. The ultimate outcome of the workshops is to plan for actions realising collaborative innovation projects within and outside of the Graphene Flagship consortium. These events will follow the format of the project's Graphene Connect events.

Graphene Connect Wearables

23 September 2019 15:30-20:00

Learn more here.

Graphene Connect 5G/Datacom

24 September 2019 15:30-20:00

Learn more here.

Graphene for Energy Technologies

25 September 2019 15:30-20:00

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