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Nature: How to Increase Publications

Celebrating 15 years of Nature Nanotechnology, this year's Graphene Week Nature session is set to be the most important yet. The session will focus on improving writing skills to increase publications and will be held on Wednesday 25 September at 14.30 for early career researchers.

Editor of Nature Nanotechnology, Fabio Pulizzi, will be in attendance to discuss what has been achieved during the last 15 years of research, providing a scientific roadmap on the future opportunities related to graphene and GRMs. Early career researchers should expert to learn how to improve their writing of research papers, taking advice from a leader in the field of scientific publication.

This will be complemented by a keynote by graphene research professor, Lydéric Boquet, and Andrea Ferrari, the Science and Technology Office of the Graphene Flagship. Following the session, we will break to a panel to discuss several research areas including fundamental science, applied science, biomedical applications, as well as electronics and energy.

This session is not to be missed. Attend on Wednesday 25 September at 14.30 during Graphene Week 2019.

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Publishing date: 15 August 2019 13:05