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The workshops at Graphene Week 2019 give delegates an opportunity to delve deeper into targeted topics and learn more about collaborations with international organisations.
GRACE — Methods for the Electrical Characterization of Graphene
​The GRACE — Methods for the Electrical Characterization of Graphene workshop will provide an important opportunity to understand the characterisation of graphene’s electrical properties.
Human Space Exploration​
At the European Space Agency (ESA) workshop at Graphene Week 2019, speakers from ESA and NASA, among others, will put forward the current challenges in space travel.
GF-MaX HPC Workshop
European HPC initiatives and 2D materials research: collaborating and funding opportunities.
EU-Australia 2019
2nd Graphene Flagship EU-Australia Workshop on Graphene and 2D Materials will feature research, production and application of graphene and related materials.
Women In Graphene
In this session successful graphene researchers will discuss their experiences in the field and provide advice to younger researchers. A wine reception will provide an opportunity for networking.
Nature - New 2D Materials