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Graphene for Human Space Exploration

Graphene Flagship workshop on graphene application in support of human exploration in Space

Dates: 10 – 11 September, 2018

Venue: Kursaal Congress Centre, San Sebastian, Spain

Carlo Saverio Iorio, ULB Bruxelles
Monica Monici, University of Florence
Lucia Delogu, Dresden University
Alberto Bianco, CNRS Strasbourg

Programme Committee:
Maurizio Prato, BiomaGune
Kostas Kostarelos, Manchester University
Giuseppe Coppola, CNR IMM
Hatim Machrafi, ULB Bruxelles


Monday, 10 September

Tuesday, 11 September

The workshop is intended to create a multidisciplinary ecosystem for exploring potential applications of graphene in support of human exploration in space. The primary focus is on life support systems with a distinctive focus on tissue healing in extreme environments.

It will represent a unique environment where scientists of different disciplines could join to discuss and integrate the existing challenges and the solution strategies.

The workshop is open to all Graphene Week participants. 

Practical Information:
The workshop will be held jointly with the Graphene Flagship Conference in San Sebastian, Spain. Click here for more about Graphene Week.

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